As a present for a dear friend or partner, for long-standing club members, for the deserving president, for a good colleague the Model Railroad Chronograph generates long lasting gratitude. Birthdays, periods of life, jubilees or other occasions become mental-worthy and reminiscent-worthy events.

Wiith loyal customers, deserving employees or important business partners the Model Railroad Chronograph can trigger unexpected motivation and goodwill.
Formed in the Corporate design of a company it is suited as an image support, jubilee present, club offer, premium, competitive price or shop article.

The packaging of the Model Railroad Chronograph is as exclusive as the watch itself::
Valuable cassette in a cardboard slipcase
Stainless steel measuring tape with cm and inch scales
Six small flags for marking of the measuring sections
36 page manual with operating instructions
The Rodel Railroad Chronograph is the ideal object of desire, joy, recognition, reward, recollection for
Railroad and model railroad friends of every age,
who operate her passion out of joy and/or with professional claims
Manufacturer of model railroads,
model railroad technology and accessories
Railroad and model railroad media and publishing companies
Model railroad clubs and federations
Model railroad shows, railroad museums