The Sinn Spezialuhren zu Frankfurt am Main are specialized in chronographs for divers, pilots and rallye drivers as well as other professional timekeepers. Magazines and test reports rank Sinn products among the international top class. The award of the „Goldene Unruh in 2002 and 2006“ confirms the innovative work of 55 specialists. Examples are the Sinn Dehumidifying Technology, diving watch cases resistant to salted water from submarine steel, the Diapal- and Hydro-Technology or the abundance in functions of the instrumental chronographs.

It was a Sinn chronograph which has been of the present of the Federal Republik of Germany to the duke of Edinburgh on the occasion of the state visit of the British queen in autumn 2004. The characteristics of the model railroad chronograph comply with this quality level.

About this link you reach the homepage of the manufacturer. There you can also request for Sinn catalog book. It contains all information about the brand, the technology and the model
– on four sides about the model railroad chronograph.