Watches with the Sinn Dehumidifying Technology® are filled with the inert gas argon and contain an integrated dry cartridge with copper sulfate. Argon displaces oxygen and other aggressive gases, and hygroscopic copper sulfat takes up the air humidity diffusing into the case. No condensate can thereby form, the inside of the watch remains dry. The ageing of the oils as well as abrasion are reduced.

Sinn Dehumidifying Technology® permits longer servicing intervals and a warrantee extended for three years.

When the copper sulfate is satiated, it can’t absorb furthermore humidity. According to climate and use that can last several years. Through a small vision panel of sapphire crystal you can control the saturation degree of the dry cartridge. If the cartridge is deep blue, it should be exchanged by the Sinn watchmaker.

Sinn Dehumidifying Technology® is an option and is delivered only on order.

Special seal set for the dehumidifying technology The colouring of the dry capsule shows the saturation degree. With deep-blue color the capsule can take up no more humidity and must be changed.